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Swimming Pool Heaters in Southwest Florida

This is the time of year that many of our consumers are going back to Southwest Florida for the season and are welcoming family and friends into their homes. Generally, this increase of visitors from the North motivates then to start up the old swimming pool heater often for the very first time in numerous months.

Swimming Pool Heaters Cape Coral

Swimming Pool Heaters Cape Coral

Some things to bear in mind regarding your pool heating requires calling us ahead of time so we can ensure everything is working properly and we can even arrange to have your  pool or spa warmed for your arrival of your guests. Make certain your breakers are on and if you have a gas heater, confirm with your gas business that you have plenty of gas.

Electric heaters or heat pumps heat up more slowly than gas heaters. With an electrical heat pump you can anticipate an increase in temperature level of 1-2 degrees per hour.

Depending on your use, either type of heater might be a much better fit for your needs or a mix of both may verify to be the most effective option. You must keep the swimming pool pump running 24 hrs/day if you wish to maintain the heat over night. Your heater will not run if the pool pump is off, and heat is often lost over night which makes for a chilly swimming pool the next morning.

Pool Heating Systems

Builtright S7 Series Brochure (PDF)

Builtright XW Series Brochure (PDF)

The amount of energy required maintaining a set-point water temperature for a pool or spa depends less about the number of gallons of water it contains and is more about the area of the pool and its exposure to wind. Open swimming pools and health clubs located far from buildings and enclosures go through greater rates of heat loss due to wind speeds. Those found surrounding to the Gulf of Mexico have the highest wind speeds and require much more heating capacities than inland pools or those shielded from wind by structures and fences.

Swimming Pool Heaters Cape Coral FL

Heat losses can be exponentially reduced during periods when the pool or health club is not in use by covering the surface area with a pool blanket. Energy expenses throughout unoccupied periods are significantly minimized when a pool or health club heated continuously throughout a season is covered with a pool blanket when not it is being used. When a swimming pool or spa is not used for an extended time it is most cost efficient to shut down the swimming pool heating devices totally until the next time it is required.

Swimming pool heat pumps are subject to the same ecological regulations as those enforced upon a/c and other refrigerant systems. The predominant refrigerant utilized in pool and health spa heat pumps over previous years was R-22 (Freon) refrigerant; just as it was with a/c equipment. New heat pump pool heaters use the environmental friendly and EPA accepted R-410A (Puron) refrigerant as is utilized in today’s new air conditioning systems. Cola Cooling’s customers who are still using an existing R-22 pool or health club heater go through increased expense of R-22 refrigerant when it is needed for repair services or refrigerant leakages. All brand-new or replacement heat pump swimming pool and health spa heaters that are readily available are geared up for use with refrigerant R-410A as a basic feature.

Cola Cooling’s prefers heat pump swimming pool heating systems that make use of titanium heat exchangers that are ideal for use with destructive chemicals made use of to maintain pool sanitation and water quality. Chlorine used in pools is really destructive to many metal heat exchangers however is compatible with titanium heat exchangers and utilized by the greatest quality pool heat pump brand names.

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Swimming Pool Heaters Cape Coral

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